Conception cannot precede execution.

Art is a process of discovery through making, and our ability to discover is generally greater than our ability to invent. Think of your work process as a form of travel. Look for the things you don’t know, the things that are revealed or inadvertently uncovered. It is easier to find a world than to make one.

Kit White - 101 Things to Learn in Art School
As a rule, the more painful, costly, unnatural, and disgusting a rite is, the more essentially sacrificial is its character, — for obvious reasons.
John G. Bourke - The Scatalogic Rites of all Nations
Works of art are born of those who confront danger, who go to the limit of an experience, to a point beyond which no human can go. The farther one ventures, the more distinctive, the more personal, the more unique life becomes.
Rainer Maria Rilke
You humans
Are so into material things
And the words that you use to communicate
Which we call symbols
You don’t take notice that
Chasing symbols
Are like settling for the map
Instead of your territory
Bootsy Collins, Minds Under Construction